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Tiberius International

Italian Language Schools and Courses in Italy. Learn Italian in Italy in Rimini.

After the lessons, something for everyone:

- Old town

with art, culture and history. A world famous archaeological site is unique in its kind, wonderful signs of an important past. Tours on Roman roads, castles, churches, and amphitheatres as witnesses of an ancient birth.

- The sea

with 15 km. of beach, with all kinds of facilities to relax, sunbathe, stroll, swim, play, etc. ..

- Hinterland

with the two river valleys Marecchia and Conca “fairytale” spikes in the hills topped by castles full of stories and mysteries, medieval villages to explore on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. Refreshments to taste the typical and traditional products of our land of peasant culture.

Tiberius’s staff will offer you a direct contact not only with the history, culture and current events of our country, but will bring you into the nuances and the life of this city, the real Italian life.

Some proposals by Tiberius International

scuola di canto SCHOOL
Combined course of Italian language and culture and education to the entry for opera singers, pop, jazz etc. ..
Performing songs with piano accompanist.

gite scolasticheSCHOOL

The program is offered to students who have classes of the Italian language as a compulsory or optional at any level.


Periods of study aimed to lovers of language and the culinary arts. Students will discover the flavors of local cuisine, visiting the places where so typical products of our region

leggi tutto

 cours offer QUARTERLY COURSE (180 HOURS)
Consideration Plida including

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