...Once upon a time, in the year 21 A.D. the roman emperor TIBERIUS finished the bridge begun seven years earlier by his predecessor Augustus.

This bridge, a masterpiece of roman art, is even today a testimony of Rimini, city of art and culture.

After two thousand years, TIBERIUS INTERNATIONAL was born to promote and spread Italian Culture throughout the world.

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Learning a foreign language, in this case Italian, means, above all, coming into contact with a new cultural-social reality. Our courses offer this kind of direct contact, not only with history, with culture and with the every day life of our country, but will involve the student in the atmosphere and colour of the life of the town itself.

Italian is the language of great literary, historical and cultural traditions, it is also the language of gestural expression, of love, of spontaneity and friendship.

Rimini, on its part, will be ready to welcome you with all the efficiency of a tourist centre, which offers countless opportunities to organize your spare time.

At your disposition will be, not only, sunny beaches and an exciting nightlife but also a city rich with culture end full of fascination.
The proverbial warmth of the people of Romagna will make you feel completely at home.