This individual course is ideal for those who need to learn the Italian language for business or to know the specific vocabulary of a particular profession.

Course description

This course is  aimed at those who learn the Italian language for their own work . Learning the  language is organized around student needs and his working reality .

We offer you these specific sectors: Italian commercial , Italian for banking sector , Italian for right , Italian for medicine , Italian for fashion , Italian for tourism , etc.

The lessons develop through a series of concrete communication goals , in which the communicative part e  grammar come together to achieve one real command of the language in the shortest time  possible.

The structural changes of the contents and organization of work , together with the use of digital technologies , have made being able to speak and write a professional competence for all workers, regardless of the sector and job position occupied.

In fact, as never before in recent years, a relevant part of all types of work is constituted by communication .

Whether it’s managing the e-mail correspondence or to receive fast instructions from a supervisor or colleague , to quickly understand a rule of safety or to do a report of the activities to the colleague of the next shift, to accomplish their job it is necessary to know the language, written and spoken.

  • The time, duration and number of hours are decided according to your requests.
  • Even the program course adapts to your needs and interests. We offer you:   

 ITALIAN FOR THE BUSINESS AND FOR THE BANK : offers an overview of the language of economics and finance.

 ITALIAN FOR  DOCTORS AND NURSES : a global or more specific vision of the world of medicine. 

 ITALIAN FOR JURISTS : a course to broaden the lexicon of jurisprudence, for lawyers, judges and notaries.

 ITALIAN FOR  TOURISM : aimed at all tour operators who want to acquire an appropriate technical language.


  • The minimum enrollment for this course is at least 5 hours .
  • Each lesson lasts 60 minutes.
  •  Educational materials are included.
  • The cost varies according to the number of hours booked, ask for your quote.
Course dates
You can choose to start this course in any time of the year .
Course prices
The cost varies according to the number of hours booked , request your quote.


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