The combined courses offered by Tiberius International are the ideal solution for those with limited time to learn the language.
4 hours of standard Italian language course per day from Monday to Friday (from 9.00 to 13.00) plus 2 hours of afternoon individual lessons with a maximum of two students (after the lunch break) per day, every afternoon.
  • The combined courses are designed to meet the needs of students who, in addition to group lessons, want to deepen the study of the Italian language or deepen specific topics, individually or at most paired with another student with the same interests. The 6-hour daily course will allow you to dedicate yourself to the study of subjects of linguistic, cultural or professional interest. For whatever reason the student is preparing for this course, professional, study or family, they can quickly, dynamically and enjoyably understand and speak the Italian language effectively and fluently.
  • The combined courses are recommended for students of all ages and with any language level as well:
    • To those who want or can attend courses for short periods. (1 to 4 weeks)
    • To those who need to have a personalized program.
    • To those with little free time available and want to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.
    • To those who have to solve difficulties regarding grammatical rules or understand new grammatical topics, talk about specific topics of interest or enrich their vocabulary.
    • To whom, for work reasons, must have fluent Italian.
    • To those who work or study in Italy.
    • To those who, for family reasons, must communicate in Italian.
    • To students of any age and level.
  • For all those who need to know a specific language or to practice writing or speaking on certain topics, they will be able to focus the lessons on topics such as:
    • general conversation,
    • Grammar,
    • Italian for business,
    • Italian for hotels and tourism,
    • the art,
    • the cinema,
    • the literature,
    • history,
    • fashion,
    • design,
    • the enogastronomic areas,
    • health and medical professions and much more …
    • The tutor will devote himself completely to the specific needs of the student and / or to resolve any difficulties encountered by the same in the learning process in the group.
Julia Davila
Julia Davila
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I had a great experience with this school, the teachers are great and very nice people. They have courses for all levels and they are easy to follow and useful. I did only 2 weeks of classes and it felt very helpful to learn Italian. You can also meet people from all over the world during the course. Cannot recommend enough. Plus it's a great plan to learn Italian in the mornings and go to the beach in the afternoons ;)
Ellen Plank schupfer
Ellen Plank schupfer
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Großartige Sprachschule! Ich habe vier Wochen lang die Tiberius Sprachschule besucht und richtig tolle Sprachferien in Rimini verbracht. Rimini ist nicht nur eine Stadt in der viel los ist, sondern die auch kulturell viel bietet. Der Unterricht war sehr interessant und abwechslungsreich gestaltet. In der Kleingruppe hatten wir viel Spaß und haben viel gelernt. Die Schulleiterin Monica und die Lehrer sind alle sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit. Ich kann die Schule nur weiterempfehlen und werde auf jeden Fall wiederkommen.
Linda Andreassen
Linda Andreassen
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The teachers were brilliant and the tuition and excursions were fun. Rimini is in addition a beautiful city with a lot going on. I truly recommend Tiberius to anyone who wants to learn the Italian language at any level.
Alexa Kraus Franz-Marc-Schule
Alexa Kraus Franz-Marc-Schule
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Leider konnte ich nur 1 Woche in Rimini verbringen, ich hatte aber das große Glück, an der Schule mit Serena viel zu lernen. Serena ist eine wunderbare Lehrerin, mit Geduld und Freude habe ich dort eine Menge gelernt! Ich freue mich jetzt schon darauf, wiederzukommen.
marina kunke
marina kunke
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Ich habe eine Woche bei der Tiberius School verbracht und einen Kurs 50+ gemacht. Es war einfach nur phantastisch. Ich habe noch nie in meinem Leben so viel italienisch gesprochen, natürlich mit Fehlern, die immer mit großer Toleranz verbessert wurden.Monica und Andrea haben mir mit großer Leidenschaft Rimini und andere Sehenswürdigkeiten gezeigt und sie haben mit hoher Kompetenz und Geduld mein Italienisch nach vorne gebracht.Natürlich komme ich wieder und freue mich jetzt schon auf diesen Aufenthalt.
Григорий Кузин
Григорий Кузин
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Sono molto contento che ho studiato per due mesi al Tiberius. Questa è una scuola straordinaria. La direttrice della scuola Monica e tutti gli insegnanti sono amichevoli e vogliono di aiutare. Studiare non è noioso, con giochi, comunicazione attiva, guardare i film. La scuola ha un'atmosfera molto piacevole, come a casa.
Gary Leonard
Gary Leonard
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A well deserved five stars. Great school. Great teacher Giulio, explaining things well and with a superb breadth and depth of culture. Ideally situated in the historic centre. I will certainly be returning. ***** Cinque stelle ben meritate. Grande scuola. Grande maestro Giulio, che spiega bene le cose e con una superba ampiezza e profondità di cultura. Idealmente situato nel centro storico. Ritornerò sicuramente.
jan kasper
jan kasper
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Ottima scuola, ottimi insegnanti, sono felice di aver passato 4 bellissime settimane a Rimini, ho imparato tanto.


CoursesHours per week1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeksExtra week
CC1 ITALIAN CINEMA20 + 10€ 450€ 750€ 1,050€ 1,350€ 250
CC2 HISTORY OF ART20 + 10€ 450€ 750€ 1,050€ 1,350€ 250
CC3 HISTORY OF FASHION20 + 10€ 450€ 750€ 1,050€ 1,350€ 250
CC4 MORE CONVERSATION20 + 10€ 495€ 795€ 1,095€ 1,395
CC5 MORE GRAMMAR20 + 10€ 495€ 795€ 1,095€ 1,395
CC6 LANGUAGE IN THE OFFICE20 + 10€ 680€ 1,350€ 1,830€ 2,490
CC7 THE LANGUAGE OF ECONOMICS20 + 10€ 680€ 1,350€ 1,830€ 2,490
CC8 THE LANGUAGE OF HOTEL AND TOURISM20 + 10€ 680€ 1,350€ 1,830€ 2,490
CC9 THE LANGUAGE OF THE BANK20 + 10€ 680€ 1,350€ 1,830€ 2,490
CC10 THE LEGAL LANGUAGE20 + 10€ 680€ 1,350€ 1,830€ 2,490


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