The course of conversation it’s perfect for anyone who wants improve their communication skills and their language skills, for those who want speak Italian correctly and for those who inspire to master the language.

Course description

For those who approach the language

The conversation course is designed to help you learn the Italian language and culture and, above all, to make you acquire sin from the first day the confidence in speaking in everyday life , overcoming your fears.

Tiberius’ staff has the  awareness that the empathy it is an essential skill  for a teacher. Our goal is to perceive the emotional state of the student, welcome him and help him by creating one emotional attunement.

For people who  stays in Italy , it is important to live everyday life: to know how request information , know how to interact with supermarket , go to post office , in bank etc..

Once you have obtained a basic level to be able to communicate in all situations of everyday life, the next step will be the achievement of a level of linguistic competence appropriate to living outside your comfort zone.

For those who already have an intermediate or advanced level

For students of intermediate / advanced level , it will become even easier to talk about complex topics with more ease , expressing ideas in a fluid and spontaneous way.

The topics of conversation will be agree on your preferences , any topic of your interest will be a fantastic starting point .

The quality of our relationships also depends on the our conversations!

A course dedicated to every occasion!
Make your voice heard !

Features of the course

  • The time, duration and number of hours are decided according to your requests.
  • Even the program course adapts to your needs and interests.
  • The minimum enrollment for this course is at least 5 hours .
  • Each lesson lasts 60 minutes.
  • Educational materials are included.
  • The cost varies according to the number of hours booked, ask for your quote.
Course dates
You can choose to start this course in any time of the year .
Course prices
The cost varies according to the number of hours booked , request your quote.


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