Walking with Dante

Course on Dante Alighieri:

the Supreme Poet

Then he moved and I held him back…. walking with Dante.

Journey following Dante's footsteps in Romagna.

Tiberius International offers the opportunity to attend a  interesting cycle of lessons on Dante Alighieri: the father of the Italian language.

You will be able to deepen the  life, works and importance  of the  Supreme Poet : the birth of the Italian language  from the Latin of the ancient Romans to the medieval vulgar .

Through  interactive and engaging lessons  the student will be able to relive the story of Dante ; are also provided guided tours and excursions  in the “ Dante’s places ”Near our school such as a Ravenna , ancient capital of the Western Roman Empire, which houses the remains of the author of Divine Comedy.  

The cycle of lessons includes the following program:

Who is Dante Alighieri?

His life , the meeting and the untimely death of Beatrice , the political misfortune and exile from Florence , the expectation of a renovation political and social.

The divine Comedy

Introduction to Divine Comedy and in-depth analysis on Canto I of Hell.

Insights on poetic production

Reading and commentary of the following songs:

  • Purgatory : V, XIV
  • Paradise : XVII, XXXIII

The love story of Paolo and Francesca the real Romeo and Juliet!

They are the protagonists of the Canto V  of Hell , placed between lustful  of the II Circle . Francesca was the daughter of Guido il Vecchio da Polenta, lord of Ravenna , who after 1275 he married Gianciotto  Malatesta, the deformed son of lord of Rimini. Paolo was the brother of Gianciotto and was captain of the people a Florence  in 1282-83. According to the account of Dante However, of which there is no trace in the chronicles of the time, Francesca had an adulterous relationship with her brother-in-law Paolo and the two, surprised by her husband, were both murdered.

In the infernal episode, Francesca is the only one to speak, while Paolo is silent and weeps at the end of the woman’s story. The two souls fly side by side in the infernal storm that drags the lustful and Dante asks Virgil for permission to speak with them; Francesca first introduces herself and remembers the murder suffered by her husband, then (at Dante’s request) explains the cause of their sin, or rather the reading of the novel by Launch llotto and Geneva  which prompted them to enter into a love affair.

Francesca is presented as an educated woman , expert in love literature (indirectly quotes Stilnovo e Andrea Cappellano , therefore he knows the dictates of courtly love). Through his character Dante makes a partial retraction of his previous poetic production (stilnovistica and, above all, of the Petrose ), that having love as an argument could push the reader to put literary examples into practice and fall into the sin of lust. Francesca is the first damned who gives a speech in Hell  Dante, while Guido Guinizelli  (quoted indirectly by the woman) and the Provençal troubadour Arnaut Daniel  they will be the last penitents to dialogue with Dante in Purgatory  ( Canto XXVI ), also guilty of lust and producers of that love literature of which Francesca had been a passionate reader.

Dante's places combined with the course

Gradara and Fiorenzuola di Focara: 

The Borgo and the most beautiful beach in Italy!

The history of the Gradara Castle owes its fortune  to the enviable  position that  makes it, since ancient times, a crossroads of traffic and people.
Straddling between Marche and Romagna, 
it stands on a hill overlooking the Adriatic sea on one side  is the valleys on the other.
During the Middle Ages the fortress is one of main theaters of the clashes between the Papacy and the Houses  Marche and Romagna.

The castle of San Leo:

The impregnable stronghold quoted by Dante in IV canto  of the  Purgatory, it hosts and collects various exhibitions related to its great and important history: from the collection of weapons dating back to 1500 to those of the First and Second World Wars; from the instruments of torture to the replica of the fresco of Vasari which represents the taking of San Leo by the Medici family up to exhibitions of contemporary works.

The Fortress of San Leo is mainly linked to the life of the famous magician and alchemist  Giuseppe Balsamo, Count of Cagliostro , mysterious and enigmatic “guest” of his prisons.

Ravenna: Dante’s last refuge

The city preserves the remains of Dante Alighieri  and keeps the memory alive with important manifestations. 

Ravenna is a city full of art and culture . It is the city of mosaics, an ancient city, elected capital three times: of Western Roman Empire first, of the Gothic Kingdom under Theodoric then, and last of the Byzantine Empire in Europe.
The magnificence of that period has left a great legacy of monuments: eight buildings have been declared Unesco World Heritage Site .

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