The school


Tiberius International has over 25 years of experience in delivering high-quality tuition and care to students from all over the world. Lesson plans are built to be engaging, with students given a familiar and relaxing environment, to assist in all aspects of their learning experience.

The school

Tiberius is the only institute in Rimini recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. The school is located in the beautiful and historic city of Rimini, on the Adriatic Coast. The school is surrounded by many landmarks, cafés, eateries and modern-day shops, allowing students ample opportunity to blend the times of the Roman Empire with those of today.

Historical sites such as the Domus del Chirurgo, Cavour Square and the Sismondo Castle are just some of the attractions that are a few minutes’ walk from the school’s front doors. With both the large green space of the Parco XXV Aprile and the beautiful coastal beaches within walking distance, students are sure to enjoy their time in Rimini whilst achieving their language goals.

Course selection at the school is extensive and includes a variety of short and long term programmes, with a wide selection of specialist options available to students with more specific interests in local culture or business.

Italian language courses

Group Courses

Standard Group Courses

The Standard Course of Italian language and culture is the most requested course by students, 20 lessons per week.

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Intensive Standard Group Courses

The Intensive Standard Course of Italian language and culture consists of 25 lessons per week.

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Combined Group Courses

This course is suitable for those who want to learn the language effectively in the shortest time possible.

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Long-term course

The long-term courses are suitable for those who need extended time and intensive lessons for learning the Italian language.

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CSN Sweden

Course for Swedish students recognized by the CSN - Swedish National Board of Student Aid

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Mini Courses

The mini grammar and conversation courses, for a total of 10 lessons per week, are dedicated to those who do not have much time available.

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Individual Courses

Individual standard courses

With an individual course it is possible to organize tailor-made lessons without having to respect the times and topics of a group course, the teacher's attention is exclusively dedicated to you.

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Conversation courses

The conversation course is perfect for those who want to improve their communication skills and their language skills, for those who want to speak Italian correctly and for those who aspire to have a greater command of the spoken language.

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Italian course for work

This individual course is ideal for those who need to learn Italian for work or to know the specific vocabulary of a particular profession.

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Talking and Walking

Live the Italian language directly in the streets, in the shops, in the markets and even at the hairdresser!

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Phonetics course

The phonetics course will help you to speak clearly correctly without pronunciation errors, you will get used to speaking better, getting rid of the typical inflections of your mother tongue.

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Special Courses

Italian language and cooking course

Italian language and cooking course with 2 weekly practical laboratory lessons.

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Seas and mountains

One week course at Tiberius International in Rimini and one week at Palazzo Malvisi School in Bagno di Romagna.

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Course for singers and musicians

Tiberius International offers various proposals for singing lovers and musicians.

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Course on Dante Alighieri

Tiberius International offers the opportunity to attend an interesting series of lessons on Dante Alighieri: the father of the Italian language.

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Adult Courses

Over 50's course

The Over 50 course is offered to lovers of Italy who wish to combine Italian language lessons with a series of afternoon activities to discover traditions.

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Theme weeks for adults

Would you like to organize a language trip for adult students to Rimini?

Would you like to propose a stay in Italy where both the deepening of the language and cultural enrichment can be developed?

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Adults: Courses and Routes

Tiberius International offers the possibility for groups of adults of level B1 or higher to organize a cultural stay in Italy, which can be customized according to the interests of the participants.

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Teacher Courses

Refresher course for Italian teachers

Participation in this course is aimed at those who practice teaching work or who plan to undertake the teaching of Italian as L2.

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Course of introduction to teaching

Introduce students to the topics of teaching Italian as a second language and provide them with the practical and theoretical tools to tackle the teaching of the discipline.

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Educational practice internship

The trainees will have the opportunity to follow our trainers in the construction of the lesson with educational purposes and objectives according to the different levels of teaching.

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Business correspondence course

The purpose of the course is to provide practical examples of the use of the Italian language in business correspondence, in the hotel business ... paying particular attention to the new lexical and stylistic forms of online communication.

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School groups Courses

Linguistic week for schools

The program is aimed at school groups who have Italian, English or Spanish as subjects of study at any level.

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Cum “Tiberius” Latine Loqui

The course is designed for people who want to learn the Latin language.

Recommended for secondary school students, where Latin is a compulsory subject.

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Phonetics course

The phonetics course will help you to speak clearly and correctly without pronunciation errors.
You will get used to speaking better, getting rid of the typical inflections of your native language, expressing yourself in a more elegant way.

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Leisure time in Rimini:

  • Guided tour of the historical part of the city from Roman period to Renaissance.
  • Weekly street market.
  • Guided tour to discover the churches of Rimini.
  • Visit to the antiques and vintage markets
  • Excursion to the hinterland villages and medieval castles.
  • Tasting of typical products in the farm, local wines, fossa cheese, piadina etc.
  • Visit to the nearby cities of art as Ravenna, Bologna, Urbino, San Marino etc.
  • During the weekend, visits to Venice, Florence, Assisi etc.
  • Aperitif in Piazzetta.
  • Cooking lessons, home-made pasta, tagliatelle & CO.
  • Visit to the new PART Museum of Contemporary Art

Check the new Italian Courses

School Groups

The program is aimed at schools that have Italian, English or Latin as a compulsory or optional subject to study at any level. Stays for groups of students accompanied by their teachers are normally developed in 5 study days, with 4 hours of lessons per day.

Online Lessons

Keep your italian updated with online courses, trough a Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet account, you can easily start. You can choose individual lessonsgroup courses or just conversation. Formulate your request according to your schedules, taking advantage of affordable prices.

Seas and Mountains

Spend one week in Rimini and the next in Bagno di Romagna. Italian classes in the morning and guided tours, excursions and visits in the afternoon, tasting of typical products and cooking lessons included!

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