What to do in your free time

Rimini  is suitable for all ages  and offers various entertainment proposals. Depending on the area, the city offers services dedicated to young people, families or the elderly.

In general it is one city on a human scale , you can travel all by bike, you can live in a relaxed or active way and never miss a lively nightlife. You can choose between amusement parks for families, clubs on the beach for the young people, exhibitions and cultural events , excursions and itineraries in the hinterland. Our city offers food and wine proposals , from street food to gourmet restaurants.


  1. Visit the historic center on the trail of ancient Roman Rimini
    Arch of Augustus , Tiberius bridge, Domus del Chirurgo: discover the testimonies of the ancient Roman civilization in an itinerary around the city.
  2. Get lost in the alleys of Borgo San Giuliano
    Ancient village of fishermen and seafarers, it is one of the most characteristic districts of Rimini, full of bars and restaurants with a genuine and seafaring atmosphere.
  3. Feeling giants at the Italia in Miniatura park
    An amusement park where you can get to know Italy and its people miniature monuments , you can stroll among 273 works of meticulous architecture, gardens and games. Ideal to visit with children.
  4. Visit the Surgeon’s House
    This ancient Roman residence, re-emerged from recent archaeological excavations, preserves very important mosaics and finds intact, including 150 instruments of a surgeon from the 2nd century BC.

5. Stroll along the canal port and along the Marina Centro seafront
Two suggestive and characteristic places of Rimini, in the summer they are very popular and great events take place here such as the Molo Street Parade.

6. Have an aperitif in the premises of the Vecchia Pescheria in the historic center
A meeting place for young people, especially from Rimini and university students, here there are pubs, wine cellars and trendy places where to have aperitifs, aperitifs and party until late at night.

7. Shopping for typical products at km 0 in the large covered Central Market
A market in the heart of the historic center where you can find fresh fish and genuine products of the earth, around many gastronomic shops also ideal for a packed lunch before going to the beach.

Rimini and surroundings ...


Rimini, as we know, is not just the sea. The unexpected stretches immediately behind the coast  valleys of the Conca and Marecchia rivers , with green hills and with numerous historical and artistic testimonies in the typical villages and towns. Here in between The Middle Ages and the Renaissance fought bitter disputes between Sigismondo Malatesta, lord of Rimini, and Federico da Montefeltro, duke of Urbino : the fortresses and fortresses that meet along the valleys tell of this turbulent past.


South of Rimini meets the Conca Valley. This valley is characterized  from gentle hills planted with vineyards and olive groves, fortresses and fortified villages.  The valley preserves intact environments of great naturalistic value, such as the caves of Onferno, a Gemmano , or as the wood of Albereto  with the splendid fortified village of Montescudo .

Everywhere there are castles built by the Malatesta to defend their Rimini possessions. Among all the fortress of Montefiore Conca , an impressive military and residential complex that has hosted princes, emperors and popes. The fortress offers a unique view of the sea. Mondaino  with its particular semicircular square, it becomes a real theater for the challenges of the traditional Palio del Daino (not to be missed for the accurate historical reconstruction) which takes place every year in mid-August. Nearby he is Saludecio , particularly characteristic thanks to the many beautiful murals on the facades of the houses and for its surprising Garibaldi Museum. Montegridolfo  it has kept its medieval structure intact, while going down it meets San Giovanni in Marignano , called the granary of the Malatesta family.

L’ Alta Valmarecchia is  the ancient heart of Montefeltro, the destination of illustrious men, from Dante to San Francesco, from Cagliostro to Ezra Pound. Its uncontaminated environment, the indescribable landscapes, the famous and sought-after typical products make it a timeless travel destination. San Leo , the gateway to Montefeltro anchored to a mighty boulder, has a beautiful ancient Romanesque church next to the Duomo and Palazzo Mediceo and a fortress that saw Cagliostro as a prisoner. Talamello  is famous for  Amber , the famous pit cheese.

In Natural Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello  it rises instead Pennabilli : residence of Tonino Guerra , poet and writer, he realized you Places of the soul , a poetic museum spread across the territory. Also not to be missed are the two ancient castles, that of the Billi above the Rupe and that of Penna above the Roccione. Finally we get to Sant’Agata Feltria , with its Rocca Fregoso that looks like something out of a fairy tale. The village is famous for the white truffle , an excellence that is celebrated every year in October.


Just behind Rimini, Valmarecchia was born, characterized by the contrast between harmonious landscapes and unexpected limestone spurs. The first municipality for proximity to Rimini is Santarcangelo of Romagna , the heart of the sparkling and creative life of Romagna: a small village made up of ancient buildings, stairways and squares, full of places where you can taste authentic Romagna cuisine in a mix of tradition and innovation. Entering the Valmarecchia it is found Verucchio , clearly visible on the spur of rock overlooking the plain and also known as the “cradle of the Malatesta” because the progenitor, the Mastin Vecchio, was born here.

The village preserves the typical medieval imprint well. The testimonies of an important past are collected in the Rocca and in the Villanovian Archaeological Park. The ancient name of TorrianaFlayed,  gives a good idea of this country built on the rock. The Malatesta family built a fortress here to guard the Via Maior, the ancient road that went up the Valmarecchia towards Tuscany. An authentic jewel is the village of Beautiful mountain  with its fortress and its legends.