Rimini: our beautiful city!

Rimini is located in that southern strip of Romagna between the Adriatic Sea and the gentle hills of the Apennines, where, just 20 km away, Mount Titano stands out with the Republic of San Marino .

For over 160 years, Rimini has been in the memories and dreams of generations of vacationers. The secret of its success are the friendliness, hospitality of the places and its inhabitants and an area famous for its 15 km of beach, 230 colorful bathing establishments, over 1000 hotels and amusement parks, but also for its 2000 years of history and a small treasure chest of art.

Here the sea is a way of life, it is the scenography of Fellini’s films , is the myth of summer fun that is renewed every day, it is the magic of winter mists. But before all this, Rimini was a coveted and disputed city, capital of a lordship , that of the Malatesta family, a crossroads of cultures of which it preserves ancient and precious testimonies.  Its art treasures contemplate unique ranging masterpieces from the Roman to the Renaissance period . A place to get to know by following the impressive and evocative traces left by the winds  centuries of history such as the Arch of Augustus, the Tiberius Bridge , Castel Sismondo, the Malatesta Temple, the Roman one  Piazza Tre Martiri or the medieval Piazza Cavour, to end with the City Museum which preserves its past, through over 1500 works, and the archaeological site of  Domus of the Surgeon  with the exceptional surgical-pharmaceutical equipment, which has come intact to us since the Roman age.


Rimini is also the city of “Amintore Galli” Theater , a neoclassical masterpiece by Luigi Poletti, inaugurated by Giuseppe Verdi in 1857 with L’Aroldo; one of the most significant examples of nineteenth-century theatrical architecture, damaged by the bombings of 1943 and now, after decades of neglect and a total renovation, open to the public again.

Also not to be missed is the new museum of contemporary art PART- Rimini’s art palaces , inaugurated on 24 September 2020 to return to the city, in a unitary project, the redevelopment for cultural purposes of two historic buildings in the heart of Rimini with the permanent location of the eclectic collection of contemporary art works donated to the San Patrignano Foundation. A harvest resulting from the first major Italian initiative by endowment  and which today enriches the historic heart of Rimini with works with an international flavor. A concentration of beauty that the city has been recovering and enhancing for some years and which in 2020 will be completed with the inauguration of the Museum Fellini .

A barefoot walk by the sea, for chatting or meditating, is certainly fascinating every day of the year, in the excellent summer organization or in the solitary melancholy of the winter season. The newest trends have always been born in this laboratory city: street bar, happy hour, aperitifs on the beach, dinners by the sea, sports of the future or Nordic walking on the sand.  The fun follows all tastes and all ages.

Whether you sleep in a tent or in a suite of the Grand Hotel  Federico Fellini’s favorite, Rimini is certainly a good place to land. Rimini is also the city of congresses and major events. Completed in 2001 and expanded in 2017, the Rimini Fair  is one of the largest exhibition districts in Italy in terms of surface area, also equipped with a railway station on the Milan-Bari line, while the Palacongressi , inaugurated in 2011, is one of the most versatile, elegant and avant-garde structures on an international level. And for those who want to combine vacation and well-being, overlooking the beach stands RiminiTerme , a cutting-edge center for the well-being of body and mind